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with Hussein Fakhry, President ofA. Fakhry & Co.[DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]

Meeting with Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Huamei hospital on 3rd Sep

IFEAT 뉴스레터 [DR.YOUTH, 닥터유스]

닥터유스 로자올리바 하이드로겔 마스크 출시

45 delegates from 18 conturies[DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]awarded by Peter Greenhalgh, IFEAT Executive committee

Visiting Midwest Mint Farm [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]Toppenish, USA

Visiting Perfumery Company [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]South Bend, USAwith Alan Brown, COO

Kalsec 방문 [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]with George Todd, CEO

미국이 대표적인 Mint Flavour & Fragrance 기업인 IP callsion 방문President Jim Burgett과 함께

Visiting Mint Distillery [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]Wapato, WA, 미국

Visiting hop farm [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]Toppenish, WA 미국

Visiting Mint distillery, Toppenish [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]

Visiting Mint company, White Swan [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]

Visiting Peppermint field, Royal City [DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]

Mint Company, 미국 Yakima, with Terry Cochrane, CEO[DR.YOUTH 닥터유스]